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16th Annual National ANTSHE Conference at    Winston-Salem State University

Thank You Winston-Salem State University, Dr. Esther Powell & Staff, Organizers, and Participants who attended the 16th Annual ANTSHE National Conference on March 8-10, 2013 "Bridging the Culture:  Engaging Adult Education Professionals and Adult Student Learners!"

 We had a very successful conference and couldn't have done it without all of your support and gracious hospitality!




  Assistant Provost & Dean of University

  College and Lifelong Learning

  Winston-Salem State University                         

Provost & Senior Vice President of

Academic Affairs

Southern New Hampshire University


This year’s conference was a great success! We had some great speakers and networking opportunities. Participants enjoyed awesome workshops, activities and events. There were presentations on a wide variety of topics from: Social Media in Advising Nontraditional Students, Best Practices in Reaching and Developing adult learners, 21st Century Time Management, to An Examination of the Theory of Intelligence Held by African American Doctoral Students at an HBCU, just to name a few. 

In addition to the great learning opportunities, we had the privilege of hearing from some great leaders in education. Keynote speakers, Dr. Doria “Kathy” Stitts, Assistant Provost & Dean of University College and Lifelong Learning at Winston-Salem State University, and Dr. Patricia Lynott, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Southern New Hampshire University, shared some of their experiences and their own educational journeys. Both speakers have a wealth of experience and have a passion for education and inspire nontraditional learners by teaching them the importance of lifelong learning. Both, Dr. Stitts and Dr. Lynott get involved in the lives of nontraditional learners by taking a participatory role in their educational processes, and encourage learners through their own drive and desire for others to succeed.

This month is also Women’s History Month. ANTSHE conference attendees enjoyed a wonderful display and presentation of some of the women who are considered trailblazers in education, put together by Ms. Monica Boyd and Ms. Karen Dominique from WSSU. 

Our silent auction and raffle events were a huge success thanks to the many supporters who donated baskets and prizes for these events. This year some of the prizes included a digital camera, Nook, Samsung Tablet, a Men’s Pulsar Watch, and Women’s Anne Klein Watch, to name a few. Some of the baskets and items donated were valued at over $300! 


Mr. R. Todd Powell, Vice President, ANTSHE, presented the winners of the 2013 ANTSHE scholarships to: 

Regina Davis – Marius "Gabe" DeGabriele Scholarship for Graduate Students

Rahim Skinner – Kazimour Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Juliana Dumas – Kazimour Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Dr. R. Lee Viar IV, President of ANTSHE, presented certificates to the organizers and presenters of this year’s event. The new ANTSHE Board of Directors was introduced and awards were presented to the incoming Board of Directors in anticipation of their service and dedication to the non-traditional students. 


One of the goals of this year’s ANTSHE conference was to provide an educational experience with opportunities for students, educators and professionals to continue to connect and engage college adult and non-traditional students in the hope that they will become further connected to their institutions, foster innovative collaborations and to create new and lasting friendships. This goal was achieved above and beyond any and all of our expectations! 

Great things are happening with ANTSHE! This year we will embark on Turning the Page to a new chapter of ANTSHE, better than ever. We will address the issues of the past in a positive manner, be respectful and possess a team mentality style leadership model and encourage new innovative ideas and thoughts. The new logo of ANTSHE was unanimously approved of and very well received. A more effective and efficient Board of Directors focusing on participatory leadership of ANTSHE was installed. New by-laws and a new constituion for ANTSHE was proposed by Dr. R. Lee Viar IV and enthusiastically approved and endorsed by the membership. There will be new opportunities for professional development credits for both professionals and students, for attending ANTSHE conferences in the future, beginning with the 2014 conference. We will be establishing and nurturing partnerships with other professional organizations. One of our new partnerships is with the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions, Inc. The lines of communication between members and the Board of Directors is going to be more seamless, and the organization is going to be transparent in its operation and structure. We will also be re-establishing relationships with previous colleges who have temporily left ANTSHE and reaching out to new colleges and universities across the country to expand our membership and network because “Together we can make a difference!”

Dr. R. Lee Viar IV
ANTSHE President
Special Thanks to these participating individuals and organizations

The WSSU ANTSHE Conference Planning Committee

MCOP Charlie Claybourn USN (Ret.)

American Legion Post 55

Ms. Annetta Payne

WSSU College of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Joe Mount

UNC School of the Arts

Ms. Jeryn Freeman

Logo Pro

T.W. Garner Food Company

WSSU Marketing & Public Relations

WSSU Xerox Department

WSSU Chapter of NASO

Ms. Mary Fries

WSSU School of Business and Economics and Vocalist

Mrs. Betty Tilley

WSSU Payroll Department and Recorded Inspirational Vocalist

Thanks to Our Sponsors!



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