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November 7-11, 2016

National Nontraditional Student Week!

Plans for Nontraditional Student Week are well underway for many colleges and universities across the country, recognizing and celebrating exclusively the nontraditional student population. The number of nontraditional students attending college on campus and online is the fasting growing demographic, according to the Department of Education, NCES. There is a growing demand for programs that focus more on this demographic, now more than ever. How a college or university chooses to provide for their nontraditional students can make the difference between a successful adult learner program or an unsuccessful program. At ANTSHE, the focus has always been on nontraditional students, after all, it's in our name! Not sure how you can celebrate nontraditional students on your campus? 

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Nontraditional Student Week at your college or university:

-Coffee and donuts are a great start, how about recognizing nontraditional students that go out of their way to help other nontraditional students through support, motivation, guidance?

-Consider celebrating nontraditional students with a an essay contest and the winner gets a money prize, gift card, or gift certificate to a local restaurant or better yet, a kid-friendly restaurant like Monkey Joe's or Chuck E Cheese so that parents can get a little break too. 

-Another great idea is to hold a workshop where nontraditional students can come and get assistance with financial aid, job placement, resume writing, technology and computer assistance, homework help, and so on. 

-Consider hosting a party in honor of nontraditional students and invite their families and have games, prizes, inflatables or entertainment,  so the whole family can enjoy.

-How about recognizing specific faculty or administration who have had a direct impact on the lives of adult students at your college or university? Present them with an award or gift card as a sign of appreciation.

-Pizza and family movie night with popcorn, drinks, candy, the works!

-Who says that celebrating your nontraditional students has to only happen one week a year, why not start a campaign to host monthly gatherings for nontraditional students and their families. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can show appreciation for and recognize the nontraditional students on your campus and demonstrate your commitment to their educational success. BUT, another way that you can show you support your nontraditional students and truly care about their success and well-being means taking nontraditional student week a "step" further! Here's how:

"Step" into Nontraditional Student week by partnering with the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) in hosting a fundraising event at your college/university to raise money and encourage good health. 

Organize a Run/Walk, Bike or Swim Event

Need some ideas for your run/walk? Check out these ideas for your event. This is a great way to show your unique style. How will you celebrate Nontrad Week? Consider participating in this first-ever event: "Tread for Nontrads"

Schedule your Tread for Nontrads Event for Nontraditional Student Week November 7-11, 2016

-5k Run/Walk

-Bike or swim event

Fun Themed Event:

-Pajama-Thon (walk/run in pj's)

-Moonlight walk/run

-Family Walk-A-Thon

-Dog Walk

-Walk a mile in my shoes (here's a twist, have administrators walk as nontrads with books, kids, strollers, backpacks, let your imagination guide you).

A fundraising partnership with ANTSHE will help to raise money for your adult learner program to help pay for events celebrating nontraditional students on your campus, or use the proceeds to help offset the cost of registration or travel expenses for your nontraditional students to attend the ANTSHE Conference! We can't think of a better way to show appreciation for your nontraditional students than to help them to be able to attend the ONLY conference dedicated exclusively to supporting nontraditional students and their SUCCESS! 

ANTSHE can help support your fundraising event in many ways. For more information about partnering with ANTSHE for fundraising events, 

Contact: Lee Viar at 301-992-2901 or email:

Take your Nontraditional Student Week celebration one step further- Send us your pictures and we'll post them on our website, Twitter and Facebook! Who will be the most Nontrad-Student Friendly college or university?


Each year ANTSHE presents an award to a college/university that is considered to be the most Nontraditional Student-Friendly. Colleges and Universities from across the country compete and submit their nominations for the Nontrad-Friendly Award. ANTSHE Nontrad-Friendly schools have demonstrated their commitment to helping nontraditional students succeed. They go above and beyond to provide services and support that meets the needs of the nontraditional student demographic on and off-campus. Click here for more information about how you can be more Nontrad-Friendly. The 2016 Winner of the Award for being the most Nontrad-Student Friendly was California State University-Fullerton! Thank you CSUF for your support of nontraditional students!


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