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    Celebrating 20 Years of Non-Traditional Student Support & Success! 

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ANTSHE's mission is to provide scholarship opportunities, academic resources, and motivational support for non-traditional students, and to celebrate, and to build on the network of faculty, administrators, and advisers that work with and inspire non-traditional students to succeed. 


Our vision is for non-traditional students, who want to attend college, to have access to an education, regardless of their stage in life, or their current financial status, and to receive the motivation and support they need to complete their degree programs, and to increase our role as a mentor, and an academic resource for academic professionals and non-traditional students.



The ANTSHE Team is a unique group of individuals from varying academic disciplines, who have a diverse set of skills and expertise. Academic professionals, nontraditional students, volunteers, ANTSHE researchers, the Board of Directors, partnerships, and leaders in higher education from across the United States make up the ANTSHE Team. The professionals that make up the ANTSHE Team have one common goal, to provide nontraditional students and academic professionals with the resources, support, and tools needed to be successful in reaching their educational and professional goals.

Who We Impact

ANTSHE is an organization that supports non-traditional students seeking to advance in their professional careers through furthering their college education. ANTSHE strives to attract students members to help them further their transition to receive an education by providing them with a support network, resources, and scholarship opportunities. ANTSHE provides support to academic professionals and institutions that support nontraditional students by providing professional development, publishing, and networking opportunities with an elite community of other academic professionals, and much more. ANTSHE is continuing to grow and continues to support their members any way they can, listening to comments and suggestions and adjusting their services accordingly. ANTSHE believes that it is never too late to get an education, and they will be there to support their members along the way.


ANTSHE Supporters are any individuals who have a vested interest in nontraditional students and their success. 

Thank you for being a part of the ANTSHE Team! 




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   Celebrating 20 Years of Non-Traditional Student Support & Success!

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