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"The Fight for Academic Equity: Creating Social Cohesiveness Between the Adult Learner and College"

Follow these simple steps to give your presentation submission an edge.



Maximize Audience Engagement
One-Way Audience Interaction

LECTURE STYLE: 55 minutes
(45 min.lecture, 10 min.Q&A)
Traditional Style may include a presentation or use of other resources.


55 minutes
Requires moderator and 2-3 panelists

ROUND-TABLE: 20 minutes
(90 Minute Discussion Total, includes Q&A)
Will present on same topic 4x rotating every 20 minutes speaking to each group


Some audience interaction

55 minutes
Includes some activities that require audience participation

55 minutes

Poster demonstration and discussion
1:1 Interaction, and/or small group interaction


55 minutes
Research study feedback, brainstorm ideas
Small group interaction


Requires audience interaction

55 minutes
Hands-on activities that require audience participation

55 minutes
Team building and/or other engaging activities that require audience participation

Select the most appropriate track session from these four areas.

Take a second look before submitting! 

Submission deadline is 
February 20, 2018

Submit your proposal with ease using ProposalSpace at:       


Simply create a FREE account (or use an existing account) 

then follow the instructions to submit your proposal. 


Most Common Attendee Roles in Higher Education 
  ANTSHE 2018
    What's Your Topic?

Even if you feel that your idea does not fit into a specific track, do not let that stop you from sharing yours, even if it doesn't match one of the topics exactly. We encourage and consider all subject matter pertaining to adult students and their higher education journey.

Consider your presentation style and content, then choose a session format that best suits your needs.

  TRACK A - Initiatives to Nurture Social Cohesion in Adult Learner Success
  TRACK B – Equity in Education: Academic Disparities from the Adult Learner and/or Administration Perspectives

TRACK C - Academic Professionals Serving Adult Learners

  TRACK D – Addressing Academic Challenges to Build a Cohesive Working Relationship Between Adult Learners and Administration
-Include what the attendee will learn
-Make sure session purpose and objectives are clearly outlined. 
-Support your session with research
-Identify a clear format structure
-Outline ways to fully engage participants

Please keep in mind, proposals will go through a review process, and submitters will receive an email notifying them if their session was selected within 14 days of their submission.

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