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ANTSHE Conference 2020, April 2-4 in Indianapolis HAS BEEN CANCELED. For more information visit ANTSHE Conference NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS! WE WILL POST DATES FOR ANTSHE 2021 IN INDY SOON!

Call for Speakers for ANTSHE 2020 has ended--But will reopen in the upcoming months for ANTSHE 2021 in Indy due to the Cancellation of ANTSHE 2020 that was scheduled April 2-4

The Call for Speakers has ended

"Disrupt the System…Move from Access to Success for the Non-Traditional Student"


APRIL 2 – 4, 2020| Indianapolis, Indiana

Deadline to submit your proposal is February 28, 2020

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the ANTSHE Conference 2020 to be held in Indy! 


Please join us as we explore the theme of this year's conference: "Disrupt the System…Move from Access to Success for the Non-Traditional Student."  The following resources should be used to help you prepare the best proposal possible. Please also review the Tips for Submission page before submitting your proposal.

The Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) invites academic professionals, advisors, administrators and nontraditional students/ leaders to submit proposals for presentation at the 2020 conference. Success for the adult learner depends on the foundation for learning, not just from the student’s perspective, but also that of the institution of higher learning. Our theme:"Disrupt the System…Move from Access to Success for the Non-Traditional Student" suggests that in too many cases, academic opportunities are being presented and promoted without the added benefit of the support mechanisms that the adult learner needs in order to succeed. For this year's conference we have focused our theme and subsequent tracks on key areas that have the highest impact on all stakeholders involved in the academic process for nontraditional student success. 

While higher education goals and objectives can remain the same, the way it is delivered and nurtured needs to be addressed. Administrators, faculty, and the students themselves must work together collaboratively for the student and the college to be a success. We have previously discussed how institutions continue to embrace the 18-20-year-old being the typical college student and how statistics have shown that this is not the case. Therefore, the task at hand is to use what we already know, and to discover what we don't know yet, together. Let's go beyond just having mere access to providing measurable opportunities and results that will lead to success. 

The call for speakers will remain open until February 28, 2020. All proposals will be reviewed and individuals chosen to present will be contacted within 14 days of submission.

Proposals will only be accepted through the online proposal system. Proposals will not be accepted in any other manner, or past the submission deadline.

The following primary tracks have been identified and each primary track has been broken down into the sub segments listed below.

    • TRACK ONE- Disruption Doesn’t Have to be Destructive! Changes in Andragogy in Order to Build a Dynamic Learning Experience.
    • TRACK TWO- The Disruptive Nature of Technology, How Faculty and Adult Learners Can Avoid the Fallacies of Technology to Instead, Find the Right Tools to Get the Job Done!
    • TRACK THREE- Non-Trads, We’re Listening! A Platform for Presenting Research, Getting Feedback, Learning New Strategies, and Practical Resources for Pre- and Post-Graduation Success.
    • TRACK FOUR- Veterans, Students with Unique Experiences, Not Problems.
    • TRACK FIVE- Is Big Data an Asset or Liability to the Non-Traditional Student?


      Wait! Please review the instructions for submitting a proposal before you begin.

      Instructions for submitting a proposal using Proposal Space.pdf

      Ready to Submit your Proposal?

      Submit your proposal using the link below. ANTSHE uses Proposal Space to allow you to submit your proposal securely and with ease. You will need to create an account or use an existing account to submit a proposal (please make sure you add to your safe list in your email to ensure you don't miss important emails regarding your submission). 



      May 21 - August 31

      • Early Registration
      June 21
      • Call for Proposals Open
      February 28
      • Call for Proposals Deadline 
      March 1
      • Deadline for Presenters to Register to be included in Program
      April 2-4
      • ANTSHE Conference 2020




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