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ANTSHE Conference 2020 Schedule

"Disrupt the System…Move from Access to Success for the Non-Traditional Student"

APRIL 2 – 4, 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana

General Sessions


APRIL 2 – 4, 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana  

Day Three - Saturday, April 4

8:30 AM Tracks

Spelman Alumna: Voices of Persistence, Professional Achievement, and Promotion and Support of the Next Generation (Focus Group Discussion)

Time: 8:30 am 
 Dr. Barbara Mebane, Ball State University Alumni

Spelman Alumna: Voices of Persistence, Professional Achievement, and Promotion and Support of the Next Generation American women in the 21st century have more options from which to select a college education than in the past, yet there are some women who purposely select a women’s college, specifically, Spelman College, a Historically Black Women’s College (HBWC) in Atlanta, Georgia. This presentation explores Chapter 3 (Methodology) of my dissertation: The Sisterhood Is Alive and Well At Spelman College: A Feminist Standpoint Case Study. The discussion will illustrate how various qualitative methods of research led to my findings and conclusion. Included in the discussion will be a focus on the value of conducting pilot studies and archival research. By then end of the presentation, participants will have a better understanding of how a qualitative case study method revealed Spelman’s technique for creating a unique learning community for women. As such, Spelman develops alumna who persevere, achieve, and promote and support its culture to future generations.

S'more Success

Time: 8:30am 

Speakers:  Jana Conn, Educational Consultant

The sweet treat can be made in a variety of ways with different materials, just as instruction can be diversified for various subjects to students. Student success improves with student engagement and motivation. Explore how to provide multiple opportunities for students to respond to instruction.

4 Criteria for Achieving Your Purpose: A Unique Look at Goal Setting

Time: 8:30am 

Speakers:  Shannon Brumfield

Why is it that most of us look back on our lives and ask the question, "what if?" What if I had finished my degree, would I be working in my dream job now? What if I had I married my first love; would my marriage have been better? What if I had acted on that idea to start my own business, would I be enjoying the fruits of my efforts? We ask ourselves the "what if" questions because we have regrets. We feel that if we had chosen a different path, things might be better than they are now, but would they? They would definitely be different, but would we be in a better place? These are four tips I have used to narrow down my goals and achieve success.

Veterans Empowered: Identifying Civilian Work Interests & Careers

Time: 8:30am 

Speakers:  Margaret A. Eggleston, PhD., Alpha Best Consulting, LLC

Veterans, and those currently in the military with plans to return to civilian life, will become acquainted with a readily available job search resource. This session provides a walk-through and detailed information about the Occupational Information Network, also known as O*Net. While the session is geared towards empowering nontraditional student veterans and current military, any job-seeker can derive benefits from learning about the tools and resources O*Net provides. Handouts include step-by-step screenshots of the O*Net webpages that will be discussed during the session.

9:35 AM Tracks

Forget Fairness! You Need Me

Time: 9:35 am 

Speaker: Byron Ballard, Ball State University

Have you ever asked yourself what makes someone special? People are constantly looking for that extraordinary spark either from others or even ourselves. Inspired by Georg Simmel’s theory of “The Stranger” this session will show how people possess often overlooked yet unique abilities to contribute to the educational, workplace, and cultural settings. From there, attendees will evaluate their special skills and the methods to express them. Finally, time will be spent addressing the hiring or team selection process. Can you discover those abilities in others often not expressed by candidates?

To Talk or Not to Talk-That Is The Question: Enhancing Online Social Presence Using The Canvas Audiovisual Recording Tool

Time: 9:35 am 
Dr. Margaret E. Pittman, Morgan State University, School of Social Work

Discussion boards are a staple in online and even face to face learning environments. However, students and instructors have discussed challenges with the traditional text-based discussion board forums. This presentation discusses the presenter’s use of contemporary personal technology (CPT); the Canvas audiovisual recording tool, to enhance social presence in discussion board forums. Further, this presentation details the outcomes of both undergraduate and graduate student reflections as well as discusses the experiences that the students deemed beneficial and challenging while responding in discussion board forums, completing assignments, and receiving instructor feedback via the Canvas audiovisual recording feature.

From Failure to Outstanding: Nothing is Impossible

Time: 9:35 am 
 James Fry, Chattanooga State Community College

With determination and persistence, the journey toward academic dreams and goals is renewed at Chattanooga State Community College by a 53 year-old student who had little to no achievement, only a GED/HiSET 35 years ago and a 1.4 gpa ... yet with motivation, family support and staff/faculty support and encouragement, along with help from the Tennessee Reconnect program, he not only attains his two-year degree, but becomes the institution's commencement speaker and wins the Outstanding Student of the Year Award for the entire state community college system in Tennessee. This session will not only share the inspiring and important experiences of this non-traditional student, but also outline the systems and staff/faculty who proudly played a role in this incredible success story.

Leveraging Industry Credentials for Prior Learning Assessment

Time: 9:35 am 
 Gabe Dunbar and Adriana Italiano, Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) recognizes learning acquired from experiences outside a formal classroom setting by offering students the opportunity to earn academic credit through Prior Learning Assessment. BGSU has recently piloted an initiative to identify alignment between our curriculum and industry credentials, including certifications and formalized training. Through a carefully crafted process, faculty content experts develop proposals to award credit to students who hold specific credentials. To increase access for students, a question appears on the Admissions application asking students if they hold approved credentials. Once students provide documentation to verify these credentials, they are automatically awarded the academic credit for the corresponding BGSU course. Work is ongoing to collaborate with departments in varying disciplines to identify more opportunities for alignment between industry standards and BGSU curriculum. This session explores the steps that BGSU has taken to develop this prior learning strategy and invites the ANTSHE community to brainstorm new paths for expanding this work.

11:00 AM Tracks

Increasing Persistence for First-Year, Online, Adult Students

Time: 11:00 am 

Speaker: Adam Binkerd and Sarah Spangler, Indiana Wesleyan University

Adult online students have unique challenges. While hungry to learn, the distractions of adult life can disconnect students from their educational goals. Similar to traditional students, they desire community engagement, learning, belonging, support, and hope. Success in online education today demands that institutions unveil their humanity and welcome students to join a collaborative learning environment. Join us as we share our wild journey of creating a strong community, unifying vision, and its powerful impact on student success and persistence.

Maximizing Non-Traditional Students Transfer Options: Targeting high-retention, selective schools to maximize bachelor's degree completion

Time: 11:00 am 

Speaker: Nancy Lee Sánchez, Kaplan Educational Foundation

This session will discuss the importance of developing programming and support services for high-achieving, non-traditional students in community colleges while targeting high-retention, selective four-year institutions that best meet the needs, and fully support the educational and career goals of this talented, but often under-served population of students. Through collaborative policies focusing on strengthening the culture of transfer, informed by the educational, financial and personal needs of students, the session will provide data on the benefits of applying to selective four-year institutions, a road map and timeline to support students through the admissions application process, helping the student develop a transfer-bound profile, methods to help students reduce costs of applying for multiple colleges, and examples of “transfer-fit” selective schools.

Advising College Students from Rural Communities: An Advisor’s Perspective

Time: 11:00 am 

Speaker: Stacy Renee Doyle, University of Oklahoma

There has been extensive research on the role of college advisors and the advising processes in overall student success, including graduation. However, there has been little research focusing on the impact of cultural capital in the advising process. The overall structure of the institution of higher education favors the dominant cultural capital and continues to facilitate social inequities in higher education. This structure impacts all aspects of the college campus, including the advising process.

The Many Styles of Writing Papers - Critical Response, Reaction, & Reflection

Time: 11:00 am

Speaker:  Audrey Whitson, MA and Doreath Lomax, MA, Ball State University

Real talk About the Knowledge & Resources on writing various papers. The topic of discussion will give insight into the different types of writing papers students are expected to write. Writing errors occur as a result of misunderstanding and lack of experience in writing particular types of papers because of the lack of experience, sharing will console your doubts as a writer. In this session, the acronym KISS will give the adult learners ways to (Keep It Simple Stupid) meaningful manners to be powerful on their educational journey. Hands-on activities will have participants get on their mark, get ready, get set, and go as groups engage in activities that require audience participation. Understanding the differences in writing papers and using the correct resource tools are important steps to succeeding as lifelong learners.

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Keynote Luncheon & Nontrad Student Panel Discussion

1:40 PM Tracks

Narrative as a Tool for Reframing Disruption (Panel Discussion)

Time: 1:40 pm

Speaker: Dr. Abigail "Abby" Dallman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

In the University Without Walls adult degree completion program, we use a narrative portfolio to evaluate prior learning. This portfolio includes an introduction and conclusion that allows a student to situate their learning within the context of their full life journey. The portfolio also includes 2-3 analytical essays that each develop an area of learning that is evaluated for credit. The analytical essays use story-telling to present concrete experiences. Students then move through David Kolb’s experiential learning cycle to analyze their stories and articulate their learning from the experience.

The use of a narrative structure to articulate prior experiential learning allows for a transformative experience for the student. The use of the experiential learning process is a central component of this transformation, as other researchers have argued, but the use of story-telling is also central to the transformative power of the prior learning portfolio. The use of narrative structure allows students to understand their life journey as directly relevant to their higher education degree. Many of our students introduce themselves at the beginning of their first course by sharing regret: regret that they did not finish college the first time or times they enrolled; regret that they did not do well in college previously; regret that time had passed since they first made a plan to get a college degree. They often note the disruption to their education with some form of regret. This mindset changes when students are able to trace different threads of their learning through different personal and professional experiences. At the completion of the prior learning portfolio process, students often note that they now see the value in their alternative pathways; they can connect the skills they learned in different settings to their goals for their academic program. This presentation considers the importance of storytelling in higher education for non-traditional students, and pulls from narrative theory and adult learning theory.

Access to Success through the Academic Support Center (ASC)

Time: 1:40 pm

Speaker: Terese Francis MA, Coddy MacNeill, and Allysa Swiec, Doane University

In this interactive presentation, discover how an Academic Success Center (ASC) created specifically for non-traditional students, listens to their students' needs in order to design programming and services that will empower them to become successful. The presenters, all ASC staffers, will share how they listened to their non-traditional students, what they learned, and how that morphed into new best practices. This presentation will benefit faculty and staff in their interactions with non-traditional students.

Appreciation: Are Students Entitled to It?

Time: 1:40 pm

Speaker: Nancy Szwydek, Purdue University Global

This session will explore Chapman and White's Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace and their value in fostering student success. Participants will seek to identify their language of appreciation and then engage in activities focused on methods to demonstrate appreciation to students whether in a face-to-face setting or in an online environment.

Boots to Backpacks: Overcoming Barriers to Success

Time: 1:40 pm

Speaker: Brook R. Dickison, Ed.D., Susan Williams, and Twyla Tasker, Ph.D.,  Angelo State University

Veterans are becoming an increasing demographic on college campuses today. In fact, approximately, 250,000 service personnel are separating from the military each year. Institutions of higher education have the opportunity to provide these non-traditional students with access to an education by eliminating barriers that disrupt the academic journey. In this session, participants will travel the path of veteran students in a simulated game of Get a Clue: Get a Degree. Education can be gained or lost depending on the access or barriers encountered. Presenters will share the cards that could be dealt to promote success.

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM  Closing Ceremony: Awards, Nontraditional Student Scholarships, and Winner of $500 Visa Gift Card 


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