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Together we can make a difference!

    Celebrating Over 20 Years of Non-Traditional Student Support & Success! 

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Individual Membership: Student or Academic/Professional

Individual Membership at ANTSHE is perfect for the individual nontraditional student or professional who wants to be a part of a community of other nontrads and academic professionals with varying degrees and professions. This membership provides nontrads and academic professionals access to exclusive web resources, discounted conference fees, eligibility for scholarships and awards, as well as, access to ANTSHE's newsletter and much more. Conferences are held on an annual basis and provide individual members with networking opportunities with other nontrads and with academic professionals alike. As an individual member of ANTSHE it is easy to remain current on academic issues and trends and feel a part of a greater community of people that you can relate to.

Fee for 1 year Student Membership: $35

Student Membership 

Students who are classified as Nontraditional according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) meet the following characteristics and qualify for a student membership:

Are You At Least 23 Years Old? Do You Meet At Least ONE Of The Following Criteria: 

If you are at least 23 and meet one of the following criteria you can apply for ANTSHE Scholarships with an ANTSHE Student Membership. If you have any questions please contact us: 301-992-2901

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  • Applicant contributes to the enrichment of their college and/or local community and demonstrates their continued contribution to their college and community.

  • Applicant must be an active member of ANTSHE upon application and when scholarship is announced at the annual conference.

  • Be enrolled as a student in a degree program of study at an accredited college or university. Remember that age is NOT the sole determining factor in what constitutes a non-traditional student.

Fee for 1 year Academic/Professional Membership: $75

Professional Membership

Academic/Professionals such as scholars, teachers, and practitioners, who want to become members of ANTSHEwill gain access to endless resources to help support their professional interests in research and teaching. ANTSHE is dedicated to nurturing and cultivating professional relationships in order to promote the widespread appreciation of the importance of education, to improve the quality of life, and the use of knowledge to better meet the growing needs and demands of the nontraditional learner.

Use the Members Only section to reach other nontraditional student members and academic professionals to collaborate and learn from each other!


ANTSHE utilizes the term 'nontrad' as a way to distinguish this specific student demographic and highlight, support, and advocate for nontrads on campuses across the country.

ANTSHE assists non-traditional learners gain recognition on their campus, provide academic support through our resource center, work with groups and clubs to gain funding from student government associations, and offer advice and suggestions to support individual non-traditional students to be able to successfully navigate their educational journey to realize their goals and objectives of graduation and degree conferment.

"Together we can make a difference!"

See how some of our ANTSHE Member Institutions define "Non-Traditional Student":


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       Celebrating 20+ Years of Non-Traditional Student Support & Success!

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