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Dr. Kennedy Maranga

Professor/Practitioner/ Consultant


Dr. Maranga is a professor in research methods, leadership and global studies, law & public policy. He is goal-directed and results-oriented professional with a strong background in leadership, research, education and online learning. Self-motivated, dynamic leader and faculty with high energy, initiative and focus. Professional, personable and articulate in presentation. Adaptable and versatile, willing to take on challenges and learn new things. Ability to learn software applications with minimal training.

Worked in both the private and public sector as an attorney, policy analyst, president, consultant, and professor at doctoral, (Chairing dissertation committees and mentoring doctoral and post-doc students) graduate, and undergraduate courses at Washington University in St. Louis, Colorado Technical University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Park University, Grand Canyon University, St. Thomas University, American Public University and the University of Phoenix. In these positions, Dr. Maranga has acquired leadership and management skills as well as experience in scholarly work. He is also widely published and made numerous scholarly presentations in various forums. He has authored several peer-reviewed articles and a book.


General Session featuring Dr. Kennedy Maranga

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