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Lori Viar is the Executive Director of Pinnacle and Spire Honor Societies. Pinnacle and Spire Honor Societies provide adult/non-traditional students across the country with the same opportunity to be recognized for their academic achievements as traditional students, and advocate for nontraditional students. 

About Lori

Lori Viar has a great passion for helping  others to succeed. She is a content manager and technical writer with over 20 years experience working in administration in the financial and higher education industries. She has  developed an easy-talking writer style and a detail-oriented nature. Her areas  of  expertise include: copywriting editing (print and web), web content writing and design, social media marketing, project planning, and user experience improvements, web design, technical  online content, memorandums, employee manuals, newsletters,  and policy  manuals. Lori graduated from Colorado Technical University Summa Cum Laude  with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources  Management while earning Sigma Beta Delta Business Honors. She plans to further her career in content management and in copywriter editing, and in the near future will  be embarking on her educational journey again to fulfill  her goal of attaining a graduate degree in technical communication.

In addition to her volunteer work at ANTSHE, she is also the Executive Director of Pinnacle and Spire Honor Societies. As a nontraditional learner, Lori had to overcome many obstacles to achieve her educational goals. While attending college, she was changing career fields and raising six children, which was by far her greatest challenge and yet the most rewarding. She considers herself a lifelong learner who is dedicated to helping other nontraditional learners succeed in their education.  


Pinnacle and Spire Honor Societies 888-339-2199

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