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Questions? If you have any questions about The Nontrad Journal or would like to place an order in bulk, please contact Lori Viar or call 301-991-2222.

The Nontrad Journal 2018

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The Nontrad Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal that is currently published annually by The Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education. Articles submitted for publication in The Nontrad Journal, undergo a peer review process before they are published. Recognized researchers in the field evaluate each article and make recommendations on whether it should be revised, rejected, or published in the journal. Articles are subject to review by outside scholars of the editor’s choosing, and are reviewed by no fewer than two experts in the subject matter that pertains to the article. Reviewers will report on content, style, and other factors that influence the editor’s decision to publish. Reviewers typically remain anonymous. Articles that are approved for publication must meet a high standard of expertise. Only those articles that have passed through the peer review process are published.

The Nontrad Journal serves as a forum for introducing and presenting new research in education, and critiquing existing research. Articles can take the form of original research, review articles and book reviews. Our journal is published in print and electronically on our website. The Nontrad Journal is included with your ANTSHE membership. As a member of ANTSHE you have exclusive access to our quarterly publication archives. Feel free to look through past editions, print some out to place in your student lounge, or submit an article of your own! Any member may submit an article for consideration visit our Call for Articles page and guidelines for more information. Email your article as an attachment to:

Interested in advertising your college or organization in The Nontrad Journal? Contact Dr. Lee Viar. The latest editioof the Nontrad Journal will be available soon but you can still purchase the 2016 issue of the Nontrad Journal. 

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