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July 18, 2018, 6:00-7:00pm ET
Free Webinar for ANTSHE Members
Amy Waninger: Networking Beyond Bias: How to Break Out, Break In, and Break Through

Online webinar, free for ANTSHE members.

Is your professional network as diverse as the workforce and community around you? If not, you could be missing important opportunities for your career and your company. Learn about the challenges we all face in making meaningful connections, the impacts of these missed connections, and how to recognize and overcome them. This session will help you remove the artificial barriers that may be keeping you from your next mentor, star hire, or big customer.

Outcomes:- Understand the role unconscious bias plays in everyday decision-making - Recognize how you may be engaging in and affected by affinity bias - Identify inclusive behaviors and effective networking strategies - Develop a personalized action plan. 

FREE Webinar with Coach Joe Gibbs!

At ANTSHE, we are always on the lookout for resources and learning opportunities that would benefit our members. Here is a great opportunity to attend a webinar focusing on our adult learners, and better yet, it's FREE!  

Have you ever wanted to talk to a living legend? Now is your opportunity!! Come and attend the live webinar and learn about leadership from someone who knows a lot about leadership, Coach Joe Gibbs! I

I have some exciting news to share with you!! Joe Gibbs is an iconic sports coach, business leader and master at building winning teams. He has repeatedly made NFL and NASCAR history, winning three football championships and four NASCAR championships. How does he do it? As a leader, Joe has the unique ability to recognize strengths in his individual team members and draw out their best, using proven techniques. 

In case you missed this webinar, you now have the opportunity to watch the recorded version. Coach Joe provides some great tips to help leaders to find their purpose and passion. Click on the link below to watch the recorded webinar.

Webinar-Leadership and Coach Joe Gibbs

If you have an event that you would like ANTSHE to share with others? We love to hear about all of the good things our colleges and universities are doing to support nontraditional students. Let us celebrate with you! Please send us an email and we'll be happy to post your event. 

News & Updates

Congratulations ANTSHE Scholarship & Award Winners for 2018!

-Tracy Sullivan, Johnson C. Smith University

-Deborah Huber, Idaho State University

-Chrissy Ryan, UMASS Amherst

-Esther Levy, Touro College

Dr. Tricia Berry, Kaplan University wins President's Award!

A.N.T.S Alliance of Non-Traditional, College of Southern Nevada wins the Nontrad Student-Friendly Award!

Get Ready! We are already looking ahead to ANTSHE CONFERENCE 2019

Check back for details on the 2019 Conference in Orlando

Registration Open!

APRIL 4-6, 2019

Nontrad Student News

Congratulations Kennesaw State University!

On April 12, 2018, Kennesaw State University's Adult Learner Center was recognized for their distinguished achievement and exemplary service by the University System of Georgia. Congratulations and Thank You for your support of Nontraditional Students! 

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Scholarship Winners 2018                 

Check out the winners of the 2018 ANTSHE scholarships. Thanks to our members and sponsors of the 2018 ANTSHE conference. Because of your support we awarded 4 Nontraditional Students with scholarships for 2018-2019 School Year! 

Award Winner                             

Congratulations Dr. Tricia Berry, Associate Dean and Director for Clinical and Practicum Programs at Purdue Global was selected as the recipient of the President's Award for her support of non-traditional students and of ANTSHE.

ANTSHE Alumni Success Spotlighted in Newspaper                                           

Click on the link below to read about an ANTSHE Alumni about her professional and academic success story.

Johnson C. Smith University Student Support!                                               

Here's another great example of Nontraditional Student support! Thanks Johnson C. Smith University for your support of Nontraditional Students! Check out this video: ANTSHE Achieve

In The News

We were very honored to be interviewed for this article on the nontraditional learner and the challenges of identifying the best college fit for the adult learner. This article is especially relevant and important as the population of the “new” traditional student continues to grow as well as their unique needs in order to be successful. Check it out!


Older students should research schools' career services divisions before deciding where they'll enroll, says one expert.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT? If you are considering attending college in a less than typical way, you may be wondering if you fall into the category of non-traditional students. Although there is not a one size fits all definition, students categorized in this manner are typically older than average undergraduate students. They may face unique challenges as college students because of their age and their particular life situations. Read more...

Dr. Viar was recently interviewed by Chris Couch at regarding some of the challenges of the returning nontraditional student.  Article: How do I go back to college? A step-by-step guide

Other Events

May 1-July 31, 2018

ANTSHE T-Shirt Design Contest Guidelines 

May 17-18, 2018

ACE 2018 Adult Centered Education Conference

The ACE conference is intended for anyone who considers themselves an Adult Educator. Do you teach, instruct, profess, educate or otherwise engage adult learners? Visit: for more information. 

Executive Plaza Hotel
405 North Road
Coquitlam, British Columbia 

October 2-5, 2018
2018 AAACE Conference
Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes
8400 Costa Verde Drive
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Conference Theme: “Adult education in an era of accelerated technological innovation” 

Adult and continuing education programs/organizations have historically served as sites for incubating innovative approaches to education and learning. Adult educators are increasingly utilizing these technological innovations to provide specific program and learning opportunities to meet the increasing demands of adult learners in a multitude of contexts. For more information visit:

November 5-9, 2018

National Nontraditional Student Week!

Plans for Nontraditional Student Week are well underway for many colleges and universities across the country, recognizing and celebrating exclusively the nontraditional student population. The number of nontraditional students attending college on campus and online is the fasting growing demographic, according to the Department of Education, NCES. There is a growing demand for programs that focus more on this demographic, now more than ever. How a college or university chooses to provide for their nontraditional students can make the difference between a successful adult learner program or an unsuccessful program. At ANTSHE, the focus has always been on nontraditional students, after all, it's in our name! Not sure how you can celebrate nontraditional students on your campus?  List of Nontrad Week Activities


Each year ANTSHE presents an award to a college/university that is considered to be the most Nontraditional Student-Friendly. Colleges and Universities from across the country compete and submit their nominations for the Nontrad-Friendly Award. ANTSHE Nontrad-Friendly schools have demonstrated their commitment to helping nontraditional students succeed. They go above and beyond to provide services and support that meets the needs of the nontraditional student demographic on and off-campus. 

Click here for more information about how you can be more Nontrad-Friendly. 

Congratulations the A.N.T.S Alliance of Non-Traditional. Students at the College of Southern Nevada

The 2018 Winner of the Nontrad-Student Friendly Award! Thank you College of Southern Nevada for your support of nontraditional students!


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