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Christopher Williams "Chris Empowers"

Empowerment Speaker & Connection Coach

Christopher Williams, better known as “Chris Empowers is one of the Top 25, “Under 25 Speakers” in his generation.

He has spoken at 5 of the Top 25 Universities in Illinois, which includes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Western Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Southern Illinois & Northern Illinois University. That doesn’t include the multiple High Schools, Colleges Universities, and Organization across the country.

His career ignited as a Public Speaker because of drive to save lives and ignite the inner greatness in everyone by tapping into the individuals Passion, Purpose, & Gifts. Chris uses a creative, witty and enriched style of speaking that motivates audiences to unlock their full potential. By doing such he is helping those individuals to be great and live a life of Purpose and hat is what he believes he was put on this earth to do.

Chris believes in order to become exceptional you have to start making exceptional decsions.



    Interactive Lecture Session featuring Christopher Williams

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