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Why Attend ANTSHE Conference 2019?

Connect with peers, trends in education, and with solutions.

"Restructuring Higher Education for the Future, Transforming the Traditional College into the Non-Traditional College" 

APRIL 4 – 6, 2019 | Orlando, Florida


How the ANTSHE Conference 2019 will help you connect with others.

For over 20 years, thousands of academic professionals, leaders in higher education, nontraditional students, and administrators have learned new and innovative ways to help nontraditional students succeed. Many academic professionals have advanced their careers through the connections that have been made at ANTSHE conferences. Several of our academic professional members have been able to utilize ANTSHE in their research for their dissertation and have presented their research at ANTSHE conferences, and subsequently received their doctoral degrees. 

The ANTSHE Conference 2019 promises to be no different. You will learn about new approaches to understanding the nontraditional student, and how to really find value in them and the nontraditional programs that support them and contribute to their success. This year we will focus on ways to improve on and meet the needs of the nontraditional student for the future. Interact with top leaders in higher education, and experience hands-on sessions, keynotes and informal gatherings that will allow you to tap into a smart, forward-thinking community that will inspire and empower you.

What you can expect at this year’s conference:

In years past, our conferences focused on ways that academic programs can be evaluated to determine if they are nontraditional student-centric. We learned many new ways to revamp programs that support nontraditional students and found ways to increase budgets to support adult learner programs at colleges and universities across the country. We listened to all the great feedback we received from conferences past and have incorporated some of their suggestions into this year’s event.

  • Explore over 60 highly relevant sessions, led by some of the top experts in the field. This year, more concurrent sessions will be held throughout the day, so you can attend more of them. PLUS, some of the sessions will be roundtable discussions, giving you the ability to interact with more presenters. 

  • Attend Keynote Sessions and get inspired by presentations from thought leaders representing a wide range of disciplines within and outside the realm of higher education.

  • P2P sessions allow groups sharing a common interest or goal to come together to discuss and explore specific topics focusing on adult learners. 

  • Learning Labs offer in-depth interactivity before the Conference. These two-hour Labs will help professionals develop more skills while engaging with peers and learning from experts. There will be 3 learning labs held simultaneously. One lab will focus on graduate and doctoral research and will be led by experts with experience sitting on dissertation committees, subject matter experts, and with publishing experience. They will provide tips and tools needed to succeed in reaching degree success to include ways that you can utilize ANTSHE for research. Another lab will provide academic leaders and administrators with the steps needed to create a successful adult learner program. The third lab will provide success strategies for nontraditional students. 

  • Meet representatives from colleges and universities, and companies, including sponsors such as American Council on Education, American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Pinnacle, Ball State University, and more. 

  • Vote on the most beneficial sessions you experience this year! We’ll add many sessions based on your feedback to the conference tracks the following year.                                                                                                                    
  • Play in The Sandbox. Meet friends for coffee. Take part in interactive discussion by inviting your peers and other conference attendees to enjoy breakfast with you the mornings prior to the start of the conference day. This is a great "Second-Thought Sandbox" and will allow you to build on the network of peers and newly made friendships, review what was learned as a result of the conference the previous day, how to utilize what was learned, and setting goals for the future. 

The ANTSHE Conference is the industry’s leading organization focusing on adult learners and their success. Only here can you connect with the brightest, most engaged community in the industry that will help you develop effective programs, provide support and resources for nontraditional students, and increase retention. For nontraditional students, this is the only conference that allows you to present your ideas and research to highly trained and educated individuals, and helps you to learn the tools you need to succeed in your educational journey. 

Register for the ANTSHE Conference now.

Click here for a letter template you can use to help justify your attendance at the ANTSHE Conference 2019. Copy and paste the letter into an email or word document and complete the highlighted portions. This letter will outline the value of attending the ANTSHE Conference and what it can bring to you as a professional or nontraditional student, but your entire college/university. 

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