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ANTSHE Conference 2019 Poster Session


Call for Poster Presentations

ANTSHE invites all student organizations, faculty, and practitioners, exhibiting companies, industry experts, researchers, & especially college students to  showcase their program, current research, products, or projects specifically related to the adult learner. 

Deadline to Submit Proposal for ANTSHE 2019

February 18, 2019

The Poster Session will be held at a specified time as outlined in the course program and will give presenters an adequate amount of time and space to highlight their work. Your poster presentation should provide a visual display of the main components of your topic or areas of research.

The Poster Session is a great opportunity for you to discuss your work with interested attendees on a more personal and informal level. In addition, you will be able to present your work to many individuals several times in the course of an hour versus just those who would attend your concurrent session. Network and exchange ideas with others who have similar interests and experiences. Receive instant feedback on your work. No need to worry about formal presentation or preparation for presenting at the conference if your poster is prepared in advance. 

Tri-Fold Poster 36x48 Template

Poster Session Set Up

Presenters should have posters available for viewing during the first full day of the conference, Thursday, April 4, 2019 no later than 1:00PM. The poster presentation will be held on Saturday. The exact time of the poster session will be posted on  the schedule. 

Posters may remain on display after the poster session ends during the remainder of the conference, all day Friday and until 4:00PM on Saturday. Posters should be removed no later than 5:00PM on Saturday, April 6th. Presenters are not required to be available to answer questions after the poster session has ended. It is recommended that if you are using handouts, that you save them and hand them out during the poster session. You may also email your handouts to us if you would like them uploaded to the 2019 ANTSHE Conference website. 

During the poster session, we ask that presenters remain at their individual posters to answer questions and interact with attendees, providing an informal discussion of the content of the poster. The number of poster presentations is limited to 20 to allow for adequate space and time for each presenter.  

Checklist for a Successful Poster Presentation

  • Is your poster board a tri-fold measuring at least 36" high, and 48" wide folding at 12"x24"x12"? A standard size tri-fold foam core poster board will be provided to you upon request at no additional cost so that you can assemble your materials on the poster board on site. This will eliminate the worry of traveling with the large board or having it potentially damaged in transit. It is important that if you want ANTSHE to provide you with a poster board that you request a board in advance. Your poster board may be picked up on Thursday, April 4th at the ANTSHE Booth. 
  • A 6ft. table will be provided as well. Your table will have a sign with the title of your presentation as well as the names of the presenters and their college/university, or business. 
  • Handouts are highly recommended, and it is recommended that you bring at least 150 copies. You may choose to have your handouts shipped to your hotel. Handouts are a great addition to your presentation and provide attendees with something that they can take back to their college/university and share with others. 
  • Are the fonts you selected easy to read and legible? Are they large enough to be read when standing at least 10 feet away? Does the information flow and provide a clear understanding of what is being presented. 
  • It is recommended that you use a variety of lists, bullets, charts, photographs, etc. to make your poster more visually appealing. 
  • The use of electronic equipment such as audio/video is not permitted during the poster presentation. 
  • It is important that you bring your own supplies. We will not be able to provide the supplies that you need on site. 
  • Bring your materials to assemble your poster on site, or bring your poster with a positive attitude and a smile and no doubt it will be a successful poster session! 

For information about the resources provided or to make a request for resources contact:

Lori Viar


April 1 - October 31

  • Early Registration
May 15
  • Call for Proposals Open
February 18
  • Call for Proposals Deadline Extended to February 25th
March 1
  • Deadline for Presenters to Register to be included in Program 
    April 4-6, 2019
    • ANTSHE Conference 2019




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