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Is a College Degree Still Necessary in Today’s Economy?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The value of a college education has been vigorously called into question, at least in recent years. But the fact remains that the value of higher education needs to be nurtured by everyone, not just academics, and especially those in the most need of the experience and benefits it confers — potential adult learners.

Leave the negativity and pundits in the rearview mirror; focus on the future with your college degree firmly in hand.

It makes a difference

We live and operate in a global environment, regardless of where we live and what we do. The rules of the game have been set for us, but how well we are prepared for that game is up to us. The benefits of higher education are one of the key ways to improve our chances of success; however, the advantage is not readily available to many, especially the adult learner.

The adult learner experiences a host of challenges in returning to the campus or virtual classroom settings, including time management, family obligations, work obligations, and not to mention the appearance of insurmountable challenges of completing the degree program. On top of all these the adult learner is told that the degree has little value, and he or she is likely to consider skipping it altogether. But that would be a mistake.

Dr. R. Lee Viar IV, Ph.D. ANTSHE,



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