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Coming Soon! The 2018 Issue of The Nontrad Journal

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The Nontrad Journal

The Nontrad Journal is included with your ANTSHE membership. As a member of ANTSHE you have exclusive access to our quarterly publication archives. Feel free to look through past editions, print some out to place in your student lounge, or submit an article of your own! Any member may submit an article for consideration visit The Nontrad Journal for more information. 

The latest editioof the Nontrad Journal will be available soon but you can still purchase the previous issue of the Nontrad Journal. 

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The Nontrad Journal publishes original contributions related to the academic and professional programs and services that aide and support nontraditional student success. The Nontrad Journal’s target audience includes leaders in higher education, academic professionals, faculty, administrators, as well as nontraditional students in higher education. At ANTSHE we believe that your hard work should be celebrated. Share your research, video, or book in the Nontrad Journal. 

The Nontrad Journal encourages submissions regarding trends in higher education that have a direct impact on nontraditional students, evaluation of programs that support nontraditional students, studies of model programs, and investigations of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of programs conducted in "real world" settings, as well as, descriptive studies of "cutting edge" programs, especially those informed by the lived experience of the nontraditional student, are also welcome.

Topics within the purview of The Nontrad Journal include:

  • Study of student support services at a historically black university to include the stressors that impact nontraditional students, and the challenges of nontraditional students
  • How using Wiki’s can improve critical thinking skills in class and online.
  • Nontraditional student stories to include the challenges they faced and what it took to overcome them and the determination needed to succeed.
  • A study on cultural andragogy and positive psychology: a new pedagogy in higher education. A discussion of how culture relates to andragogy and psychology, including the psychology of teaching adults.
  • Learn about what research tells us about achieving success in math including how instructors can address math anxiety and developmental dyscalculia.
  • Research on choices through conscious and unconscious habits, including examples and choices and consequences.
  • A survey of research and technology education “Basic 15” course offering format preferences at the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • A study of parenting alone in undergraduate education to inclue the reflective experiences of single parent adult learners.
  • Research on the use of interactive smartboard technology and the impact on adult student engagement and learning.

Journal overview: All articles submitted to this journal are peer-reviewed. ANTSHE has a single blind peer-review process in which the reviewers know who the authors of the manuscript are, but the authors do not have access to the information on who the peer reviewers are.

This journal is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all areas of higher education as they pertain to the nontraditional student.

Submission information: Information can be found on the journal's information page at

Digitized archive: ANTSHE maintains a digital archive of the back issues of The Nontrad Journal. Most back issues are freely available electronically with fully searchable content.

Any inquiries concerning a paper that has been accepted for publication should be sent by email:

Lori Viar, Communications Officer,

The Nontrad Journal is included with your ANTSHE membership.

Are you interested in publishing in The Nontrad Journal? Review the article submission guidelines  or visit our Call for Articles page for more information about submission requirements. Email your submission as an attachment to To be considered for our upcoming journal, you must be an active Member of ANTSHE in order to be published in The Nontrad Journal.

The ANTSHE inquirer

Now Available! The ANTSHE inquirer, ANTSHE's newest resource for academic professional and nontraditional student members of ANTSHE.

The ANTSHE inquirer (formerly The Wire), contains the latest updates on ANTSHE with contributions from each of the Board Members, conference information, and institutional events. The ANTSHE inquirer is published quarterly for members. 


ANTSHE Photo Book

To commemorate ANTSHE's 20th Year, we present the ANTSHE Photo Book. The ANTSHE Photo Book is a compilation of photographs taken over the years at ANTSHE Conferences and events. If you have ever attended an ANTSHE conference or taken place in any ANTSHE event, it is likely that your picture may be included in the ANTSHE Photo Book. Take a stroll down memory lane or take a look at how ANTSHE has changed over the years...and there have been many changes! See how ANTSHE has grown to be what it is today. Remember, proceeds for the ANTSHE Photo Book go towards the scholarship fund. Scholarships are awarded to nontraditional student members of ANTSHE who have a demonstrated strong persistence and desire to succeed, have maintained high levels of achievement, and are goal-oriented. The ANTSHE Photo Book is in publication and will be available soon. Please check back for further details. You can pre-order your ANTSHE Photo Book using the link below, supplies are limited. 

Pre-Order Your ANTSHE Photo Book 2017

(Available soon) Photos from our 20th Annual ANTSHE Conference in March 2017 will be included.

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