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This is your place to go to for resources focusing on the adult learner with topics centered on new and innovative ideas, trends in higher education, hot topics, and research to help you to address the needs of nontraditional students on and off campus. Here you can download presentations shared by our ANTSHE Conference speakers (past and present). Conference speakers including leaders in higher education, administrators, faculty, advisors, and nontraditional students have generously shared their presentations with us, specifically for our members. We are appreciative of the time they spent researching and organizing their works to share with us. Do you know about a resource that would benefit nontraditional students or those who assist them in their educational journey, or have you written a book or have a presentation you'd like to share? Email your resource to Lori Viar. We encourage you to check back often for new postings. 

Do you have a resource that would be useful for nontraditional students, or advisors, administrators, or faculty that work closely with nontraditional students?

Please use the form below to submit a resource not currently available on the ANTSHE website.  Either submit a link to a resource that already exists on the web (preferred) or upload your own file. 

Submit a file (multimedia, document, or graphic) for consideration. 

Information that you provide on this form and your email address will only be used to send information as requested on this form. The Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education will not use your personal information for anything other than for the intended purpose of this form or without your permission. We will never sell your personal information or email address to anyone.

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Do you have a resource that may be useful for Adult Learners or those who support them?

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