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ANTSHE Conference 2019 Sessions

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APRIL 4 – 6, 2019 | Orlando, Florida 

Day One - Thursday, April 4


8:40 AM Tracks

Steps for engaging students in having the ability to achieve greater results in their education and career

Time: 8:40am - Track 1
Speaker: Mr. Donny Ingram, 
Ingram Management Group  

Engaging for Success centers around personal development that will not only entertain and inform every listener, but it will awaken the desire to improve in every phase of life. Attendees to this presentation will be equipped with the methods and tools that will help ensure success when the principles are used. Donny shares about human design, communication, and attitude. For workshops, he goes more in depth and includes goal setting, time management and purpose & passion. Donny uses personal experiences in dealing with difficult decisions and situations as well as documented studies to show the power we have when we understand and use the tools available in life and career.

The 8 Ps of Branding for The New Traditional Student: Personally, Professionally, Authentically YOU

Time: 8:40am - Track 2
Robbi Crawford, MA, Robbi Crawford Enterprises

The New Traditional Student (NTS) steps into the higher education circle eager to make big shifts in their personal & professional lives while heavy with doubts and fears about how to make this happen within a structure that can be both confusingly antiquated & ever-changing. As academia explores how to evolve into a sector that truly understands and serves this steadily growing population, it is more critical than ever that adult learners feel empowered before, during & after entering this space to ask for what they want to be successful during their tenure as students & after they transition into their careers of choice. We'll examine the what, why, how & importance of personal branding for today's NTS as a conscious approach to help them and those who support them reach their goals.

“E-ndragogy”: Best Practices in Blended Education for Adult Learners

Time: 8:40am - Track 3
Speaker: Dr. Katherine C. Aquino, Faculty & Quality Assurance Coordinator, Rosemary Osso, Assistant Dean, SCPS and Dr. Pamela Jimenez, Director of the Camino Program, Manhattan College

This presentation details identified best practices for improved blended program delivery, as well as explores the role technology hasin student engagement and student-faculty collaboration. Moreover, this presentation addresses key stakeholders,               including the role of student buy-in, in the blended learning                  development process for system-wide change to occur.

Military-Connected Students in Oklahoma Higher Education: An Examination of the 9-Year Effects of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill

Time: 8:40am - Track 4
Bradley Ward, Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs/Texas Tech University

Over the last decade, the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill has been advanced at both the state and federal levels to support military-connected students in higher education. An emerging body of research from the Oklahoma System of Higher Education begins to shed light on the benefit's 9-year impact within Oklahoma higher education and the academic performance measures of military-connected students. The first state-level study of it's kind provides data over the academic performances, enrollment, transfer, revenue and additional data that disproves misconceptions regarding veterans in higher education. This session is designed to stimulate support and collaboration on serving military-connected students in higher education through research-based insights.

“So, Tell Me All About You”: Improving Engagement With Post-Traditional Students via Curated Questions and Contact Choices

Time: 8:40am - Track 5
Tracey M Wofford, Ph.D., Mercer University, Tift College of Education

This presentation will describe how post-traditional recruiting and admissions teams can transform initial contact strategies and communications plans to improve engagement, qualifying, and appointment-setting with adult learner prospects. Attendees will learn how providing curated questions and contact choices can consistently keep overall inquiry-enrollment conversion percentages above the national average.

10:30 AM Tracks

A self-awareness personality can help educators better relate to non-traditional students

Time:10:30 am - Track 1
Lori Huertas

Non-traditional students have different learning styles that are reflected in different academic strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests. Given the almost unlimited variety of job descriptions within different college majors, it is safe to say that students with every possible learning style have the potential to succeed. Understanding learning style differences is an important step in designing balanced instruction that is effective for all students.

(To be determined)

Time: 10:30 am - Track 2

Mentor to Success

Time: 10:30 am - Track 3
Felicia Young, Higher Minds of Education, LLC

This presentation will focus on mentoring adult learners. Mentor to Success will focus on providing students with a road map of how to succeed in their real lives. Mentoring is not something one thinks of when adult education is discussed. However, mentoring is necessary for future success.

(To be determined)

Time: 10:30 am - Track 4

International Student Participation in Higher Education Language Programs

Time: 10:30 am - Track 5
Valeriana Colon, Virginia Commonwealth University

While there has been considerable research on international student mobility in higher education, there is limited research on international student participation in U.S. English language programs (ELPs). This presentation examines the characteristics of international students enrolled in higher education ELPs; the relationship between ELP enrollment with U.S. higher education enrollment; the relationship between ELP enrollment with ELP enrollment by destination location, ELP provider type, gender and country of origin; and the completion rate of international students in ELPs by gender and country of origin. Data from 2004-2014 were collected from the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System and the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Report.

11:30 AM Tracks

(To be determined)

Time:11:30 am - Track 1

(To be determined)

Time: 11:30 am - Track 2

Listening to Adult Students with ADHD and Co-existing Mental Health Challenges: Transforming Teaching Practice

Time: 11:30 am - Track 3
Speaker: Laura Hubbard, Ph.D., Curry College

In this new qualitative research study, adult college students with ADHD and co-occurring psychiatric disorders detailed their experiences managing mental health challenges while negotiating their academic lives. Qualitative interviews provided study participants the space to communicate their unique needs and their views on academic practices that better supported their learning. The participants initiated this study because of their desire to deepen the understanding of professors and college administrators regarding the mental health challenges these students faced in a college environment.

(To be determined)

Time: 11:30 am - Track 4

"Non-traditional" Ways to Higher Education

Time: 11:30 am - Track 5
Speaker: Julia Stopper, University of Klagenfurt

The future development of higher education for a rapidly changing student population is an important issue in ensuring the responsiveness of higher education systems. The inclusion of this changing student population in higher education policy is becoming increasingly important in creating learning environments that are suitable for both students and societal needs. This proposal is based on the possibilities of promoting non-traditional students using the example of Austria. In addition, guidelines should be set for the basic idea of democratization of knowledge and education and for permeability in higher education.

12:30 PM Keynote Luncheon: David A. Vise, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and Executive Director for Modern States Education Alliance

1:40 PM Tracks

(To be determined)

Time: 1:40 pm - Track 1

(To be determined)

Time: 1:40 pm - Track 2

Innovative Practices in Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)/Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Time: 1:40 pm - Track 3
Speakers: Millard Juette Bingham,Ph.D.,Gloria Smith, Ph.D.,Carlos Wilson, Ph.D.  

This session will focus upon the latest best practices that are being utilized at various institutions in regards to prior learning assessment. The guidelines developed by the two national associations whose member institutions are directly involved in the transfer and award of postsecondary academic credit, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, along with the American Council on Education (ACE), which makes credit recommendations for learning gained outside of traditional college classrooms, will be discussed (ACENET, 2017).

(To be determined)

Time: 1:40 pm - Track 4

(To be determined)

Time: 1:40 pm - Track 5

2:40 Spotlight Speaker

Roundtable Discussions (To be determined)

Time: 3:45 pm 

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April 4-6, 2019
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